Somatic Coaching

As a self-employed professional who is in the process of expanding your business, we offer a six-session or weekend intensive that enables you to remain on track and on target even in the face of adversity and challenge.

With your focus on a relevant project, you will develop embodied approaches that strengthen and sustain the direction of your practice, as well as build your capacity to be in action. So that you can build the business you want.

See and hear what recent participants are saying in the Testimonials area of this site.

Overview: -

1. VISION: Develop and strengthen your commitment to the vision you have for your business so you can finally do the work you really care about.

2. DIRECTION: Get clear about your direction so you can reach your goals more quickly and with greater ease.

3. OBSTACLES: Become aware of biggest problems so you can overcome what is slowing you down and keeping you stuck.

4. MOVEMENT: Learn ways to move effectively through obstacles so you achieve the level of business you want.

5. RESISLIENCE: Learn to strengthen your sense of centredness during crisis and conflict so you can recover quickly and stay in action.

6. PRESENCE: Develop an authentic presence so you feel greater trust and connection with the people you want to serve.


Testimonials: -

The actions I am taking now are based upon a different set of choices. My actions are different because I am stepping out of my box, and it’s easier to do this now.

I am making wiser decisions for myself, in my work I am learning to be grounded and taking a slower and more purposeful approach. Which has had great results.

Anthony is really intuitive, I really rate him, he is able to really individualise the sessions, meeting individual needs and to be able intuit accurately, rather use a one size fits all approach. I also found I could completely let go and trust in the process of the coaching and that it would lead me to the right place, and because of how Anthony is I felt safe enough to let that happen.”   Peter Turner, Interior Decorations business owner, Brighton UK


“Coaching gave me the tangible idea in my head but also the kickstart to do it. (As a result) I acted on a life change that actually occurred and it was great to feel that something that was visualised actually came true. And it was all anchored back to the coaching work.” Nigel Clarke, Lead Business Analyst, American Express UK 


“Coaching with Anthony was really helpful for me in moving forward with my business and seeing new possibilities in my life.  

I was stuck and needing to realise a fresh way of looking at my work and myself.

Throughout the coaching sessions Anthony encouraged and supported, drew out ideas that I did not know I had.  It clicked for me, a shift was made and with renewed confidence and enthusiasm I started to make new contacts, which resulted not only in more work, but in new and better avenues opening up.

I can recommend Anthony for his capability, his professional approach and his integrity.”  Norma Wishaw. Founder, Intermarket Associates UK


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